Cybersecurity During the Age of Covid-19

With each passing day that we remain isolated and safe inside our homes a ton of new threats arise. More than ever, the importance of cybersecurity should not be taken for granted as businesses continue to work remotely. Yes, some industries are returning to their normal operations thanks to consistent vaccine rollout efforts, but most business services and white-collar jobs still adapt to the new normal.

Here at Andromeda Technology Solutions, we provide full cybersecurity and IT management services to help you stay safe and up-to-date. Located in Lockport, Illinois, our team handles everything you need from phone systems, search engine optimization, access control, security cameras, digital marketing, and more.

We proactively anticipate threats so that you don't need to worry about having legal troubles or costly headaches brought by cyberattacks.

We pride ourselves on how successful our engagements are that's why we are excited to share our recent Clutch review with you.

To help you get up to speed, Clutch is an established business-to-business ratings and research platform with millions of users from all over the world — from corporate clients looking to know more about service providers to business owners wanting to showcase their work.

Going back, an analyst from Clutch personally conducted a phone interview with Kevin McDonald, the senior project manager of ClearCourse Consulting, a Colorado-based human capital consultancy firm, to gather insights regarding our project. The 5-star review features an IT consulting and cybersecurity project that ran from March to May 2021.

You can check out more of the scope of our involvement and how we came to work with the client here. When asked about what was the impact of our engagement, our client touched on how our services were well received by their team and how we directly support them within a reasonable time.

Here's what they had to say when asked about what was the most impressive part of our service or company:

“I think customer service is the key to it all, and as I read the various reviews I found on Clutch, I was really looking for a company that was able to deliver quality customer service to our resources as they needed it. As I proceeded through the vendor evaluation process, my assumption was that most managed IT service providers were proficient at delivering a secure network solution but the differentiator for me is the level of service Andromeda provides. They did not disappoint.”

— Senior Project Manager, ClearCourse Consulting

We want to thank ClearCourse Consulting for this phenomenal review. We appreciate every project that we've had the honor of working with. It brings us joy whenever we see our clients satisfied and appreciative.

Moreover, The Manifest, a B2B news website, recently hailed us as the top-performing managed services providers in Chicago! Among the top 100 firms ranked on that list, our company sits at the top. This goes to show the level of excellence we demonstrate and how hardworking we are.

We are grateful for both The Manifest and Clutch for helping us showcase what we can do. If you want to know more about us, send us a message and let's discuss. Our team is looking forward to doing business with you whether it may be an I.T. management project or a cybersecurity effort. We are here, ready and equipped.