How Cloud Migration Can Transform Productivity and Security for Your Business

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With the growing popularity of cloud computing in recent years, you’ve probably considered the many ways that migrating your data could streamline business for your company. If you’ve been debating moving your files to the cloud and which service provider to go with, we’re going to make the decision much easier for you. 

Keep reading for a deep dive into the inner workings of cloud computing, as well as the ways that you can leverage various services to increase productivity and security within your company!


What is the cloud?

Though a frequently used term, “the cloud” is not widely understood among the literal billions of people who use it everyday. Between countless cloud computing services, their composition is practically the same: a collection of servers, as well as the software and databases that run on these servers. These powerful servers are supported by physical data centers scattered across the globe, which keep both users and companies from having to store or manage data on their own computers.

With cloud computing, it no longer takes a specific device to access certain files on one’s computer. Once backed up to the cloud, this data is conveniently accessible from any device, so long as it is logged into the affiliated account.


Who is responsible for cloud backups?

If you’ve used a cloud service before, you know that backing up your valuable data is incredibly effortless. In fact, once you’ve set your preferences for your cloud storage and process for data backup, you can fully automate it

Unlike cloud storage, which requires users to manually select which files they would like to securely store on the cloud platform, cloud backups are designed for file restoration in the event that your data is somehow lost on your device. 

The main difference? Only the process of cloud backups is automated by the service, whereas with providers like Microsoft365 and Google, the user is fully responsible for making sure their data is properly uploaded and secured when simply using cloud storage. 

However, it’s important to know the conventions around the Shared Responsibility Model, which outlines who is responsible for data in different circumstances of data loss. Because approximately 47% of data loss is caused by user error, most liability falls back on the user. 

Thankfully, third-party protection services like Backupify prevents user errors, ransomware, and data corruption. By providing simple, automated backups three times a day, this essential addition to your cloud computing software can ensure that no data is lost by mistake. 


How secure is your data on the cloud?

Given the years of developments in a time of heightened cybersecurity, cloud computing is incredibly secure. Because of their widespread use, cloud services use advanced encryption during the file transfer process, as well the entire time it is stored. 

Experts say that information backed up to and stored in the cloud may actually be more secure than what is kept on your computer’s hard drive. With so many companies competing to create the most airtight security for cloud computing, data storage has never been as robust as it is right now. 

Of course, it’s important to note that no one actually has access to the data centers that support the servers on which your files are stored. And with the added protection of encryption, your data is virtually inaccessible to hackers and cybercriminals. 

But still, it always helps to know that providers like Microsoft have integrated unparalleled security intelligence services that work to quickly identify potential threats to user data. Better yet, this security management structure is unified across the entire cloud platform to deter breaches in their earliest stages. 


How can I leverage cloud computing to increase my own productivity and security? 

If you’re interested in migrating all or even just a portion of your enterprise’s data to a cloud service, you can make sure the process is totally seamless and secure with a number of cloud solutions. 

To start, centralizing all files to a cloud platform enables teams to collaborate with extreme efficiency. Microsoft365, in particular, allows incredibly easy access to data from any authorized device/account, making the work of highly collaborative teams that much more productive when using such software.

Microsoft Azure, one of the leading cloud provider services, is an enterprise-specific option that accommodates businesses of every size and background. Not only is the Azure cloud platform incredibly quick, flexible, and secure, but it provides intuitive disaster recovery features to ensure that your important files are never out of reach. 

When it comes to automatic cloud backup services, companies like Backupify are renowned for maintaining all important user data in virtually every circumstance. Another perk? The service’s pricing falls below that of its competitors while offering just as many incredible features. 


Lastly, we at Andromeda have an extensive background in cloud computing solutions and are ready to provide public, private, and hybrid cloud options; customizable cloud storage and backup preferences; scalable data management; and local, trusted support whenever you need it. 


Ready to streamline access to your data across your business? Contact us for more comprehensive information on our cloud migration offerings and pricing today!