5 Reasons to Consider Virtual Desktop Interface (VDI) for Your Business


In 2021 WFH, remote, and hybrid-work all grew in popularity. This popularity is expected to continue growing into 2022, creating new advantages as well as new challenges to your business. One technology that has risen to meet this challenge has been Virtual Desktop Interface or VDI.

A VDI is defined as the hosting of desktop environments on a central server. Essentially, instead of having all programs, data and security software on your local machine, you login to a virtual desktop to access/perform your work. This technology is nothing new but in recent years it has offered businesses across many industries (healthcare, manufacturing, logistics, trucking etc.) improved efficiency, enhanced security and lower costs.

While there are many more, here are the top 5 reasons our team believes you should consider VDI or virtual desktop alternatives (VDA) for your business.   


1. Centralized Management (simplified too)

Managing different devices for employees has only gotten more complex with more remote and WFH employees than ever. Add to this all of the BYOD units your staff use and it can be quite a nightmare. With VDI your device management is centralized and simplified. Most everything is managed at one location. Every change you make to the fleet is deployed to a central desktop image, which is available to the end-user and their devices thru the VDI.  

2. Cost Reduction

With VDI, your users login to a hosted device or instance. This means that the computing power, security, and other functions are being performed by the host instead of your staff’s local machine. This means that you don’t have to worry about purchasing equipment ‘powerful’ enough to perform job functions for your remote staff. If a teammate has a Chromebook, they can access the VDI and perform work the same as if you had purchased them a brand new $3,000 PC/Laptop.

3. Improved Network/Cybersecurity

VDI greatly improves the network security and cybersecurity for your business. While nothing is 100% impenetrable, with VDI you can ensure that proper security programs, updates and management are taking place across your entire environment. Users won’t inadvertently threaten data security at your business with outdated or unsecured equipment.

4. Flexibility 

There are all kinds of ways that VDI improves your flexibility. Your employees can access their virtual desktops from anywhere with a steady internet connection. Additionally, VDI is scalable to match the needs of your business across the year. You can add instances and remove instances as needed without worrying about hardware and logistics.

5. Efficient Maintenance / Updates

In 2020, emergency patching and updates were constantly needed to keep up with cyberthreats, vulnerabilities and major issues. With VDI, your technical team can push out updates in minutes to help keep ahead of threats. You can also perform regular maintenance tasks much quicker.


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